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Putin is Not “Based mostly” – Funding Watch

by Chris Black

For those who’re going to help territorial separatists in Ukraine, why not help them in Russia too?

There are many separatist areas in Russia, however they’ve all been violently suppressed.

Islamic Chechens fought two wars with Russia for secessionist causes. In 1999 Putin launched his political profession combating Muslim separatists in Chechnya and Dagestan all so he might then give them a giant hug and throw money at them as a bribe to surrender separatism.

Now Russia has an Islamization drawback as a result of he wouldn’t let Muslims go away the Federation.

In the end Putin is a multiculturalist Eurasianist who needs a modified, smaller model of the Soviet empire. He’ll gladly kill as many conservative Whites that he has to so as to obtain his anti-Nazi Eurasianist Union mutt state.

The concept that Russia invading Ukraine in some way harms the US authorities is foundationally f*cking ridiculous.

Biden comes out smelling like roses right here. He can assume the ethical excessive floor and condemn Putin’s clear aggression.

Besides he pulled out of Afghanistan so he appears like a peacenik on each counts. Putin pretended he was solely “recognizing” the independence of his proxy states, then a “peacekeeping mission” after which launched a shock assault into the center of Ukraine.

He lied the entire approach by and now he has actually no strategy to spin this as self-defense. All this may accomplish is additional solidifying world public opinion in opposition to him as he launches missiles on residence buildings and nurseries.

His economic system is already spiraling uncontrolled and this may solely make issues worse. This might certainly be Putin’s undoing domestically as opposition builds to his new struggle.

Alt-Proper Duginites now appear like duplicitous fakes who pretended to be “anti-war” for years and now come out as Eurasianist neocon war-hawks who help the killing of conservative White Ukrainians to play out a whimsical e-larp.

However then once more the Alt-Proper was at all times only a Duginite software from the start.




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