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Lock Restoration Full Information – Buying and selling Methods – 21 February 2022

Lock Recovery

How To Use Lock Restoration Correctly:

Step 1: Decide the steps to be taken, whether or not to make use of Loss Lock or just use Restoration with Grid Averaging.

Lock Loss

lock loss 2

Loss Lock has 3 sorts of heaps:

1. No Cut up Lot, the bot will lock the place of various heaps that have loss.

Instance: Whole Lot that skilled Loss: 0.1, then the bot will open 1 reverse place with Lot 0.1

2. Cut up Lot Lock Into Minimal Lot Dealer, the bot will open a lock place in various heaps that have loss with the dealer’s minimal lot.

Instance: Whole Lot experiencing loss: 0.1, Minimal Dealer Lot 0.01, then the variety of reverse positions to be opened is:

0.1/0.01= 10 positions with 0.01 heaps.

3. Cut up Lot Lock Into X Half, then the bot will open various positions which might be crammed in.

Instance: Whole Lot experiencing loss: 1, If ​​Cut up Lot Lock Into X Half, Fill in X Half = 50, then the variety of reverse positions to be opened is 50 positions with Lot:


The benefit with cut up Lot lock into small components will make it simpler for bots to do partial closes.


+ If the drawdown is just not so extreme, it’s not really useful to make use of lot locks.

+ Use lot locks by first simulating the chances that can happen within the backtester.



Restoration with Grid Averaging

Grid Averaging requires you to set these 4 issues:

1. Decide the kind of lot and quantity for use.

2. Decide  the variety of open positions allowed.

3. Decide the Grid Purchase Step/Promote Step and the grid coefficients.

4. Lot to begin Change Step and step coefficient.

The default settings are literally excellent, however if you wish to change them, attempt to do a simulation first to search out the very best settings.

Step 2

As soon as you discover the very best setting, do the next:

1. Disable the EA that’s at the moment in use.

2. Fill in Magic Quantity = 0(zero), in order that ea can acknowledge all open positions on the image.

magic number

3. Connect Lock Restoration on the chart with the image you need to do Lock and Restoration.

Step 3

Cease Out Monitor can be your assistant in calculating what number of pips your account will expertise a margin name. With this it’s hoped that you would be able to take the required precautions by including funds when vital.


Distinction between Actual Tick and 1 minute ohlc modeling


Actual tick fetches worth each tick.

1 minute ohlc modeling fetches costs solely at second : 0.20,40, and 59.

1 minute OHLC doesn’t imply Open, Excessive, Low and Shut costs on a 1 minute timeframe, the image under can present a greater rationalization:

i minute

With this information, I created a code to make the bot fetch costs at anchor factors 0.20,40, and 59 with a deviation of three seconds , however in actual commerce the deviation from the anchor level continues to be is dependent upon the pace of the web vps and the dealer’s servers.



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